The TMFC (The Too Much Fun Club) is a Visual Art & Illustration Collective based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with connections worldwide.

We work as a Creative Network & Design Agency. The number of members and associate members of the TMFC is now approaching 30 and is still growing rapidly, and yet organically. Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and so we have a huge diversity of skills & styles. Works of the TMFC cover many areas of Visual Art, including; Murals, Illustration, Live Art, Installations & Exhibitions, Design, Festival Decor, Fine Art, Photography, Animation, Projection Mapping, Digital Art, Branding & Concept Art, Live Visuals, Doodles and Sign Writing.

If you think the TMFC could add something to your project, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.